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Focus on filming in Wales

Wales has become one of the UK’s most film-friendly production hubs in recent years, aided by prolific companies such as Bad Wolf setting up shop, and big-budget projects like Disney+’s new iteration of Willow showcasing Welsh locations.    Read More »

Studios Spotlight - Behind the scenes at October Studios

As the latest in our Studios Spotlight series, we speak to Tom Hamilton of October Studios in Norfolk, and hear about the interesting background of the site, the extensive costume and prop hire and how the standing sets on offer - including a full-size, 360' Oval Office replica - have attracted productions of all genres.   Read More »

Studios Spotlight - Shinfield: a progress report

In the spring, as part of our ongoing Studios Spotlight series, we sat down with Nick Smith, joint managing director of Shinfield Studios, to talk about the exciting developments. Now we can bring you a progress report from Nick, as he updates us on the activity at the vast new studio site. Read More »

Studios Spotlight – Behind the scenes at Garden Studios

As studio space continues to be in high demand in the UK, we are looking at some of the facilties on offer, many of which are highlighted in our World of Studios - UK edition. Here we talk to Thomas Hoegh, founder and CEO of Garden Studios, about the past, present and future of the space.  Read More »

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