Step-up to 1st AD for HETV or film

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ScreenSkillsScreenSkills is running courses for experienced 2nd assistant directors working in HETV and/or feature film who are looking to step up to 1st AD. 

The online training will enable 60 participants to gain the necessary skills and knowledge, and there will be a subsequent 25 funded placements as 1st AD for participants who complete the course. 

The scheme is also open to experienced 3rd assistant directors, with a little 2nd experience, working in HETV and/or feature films who is looking to step up to 1st AD, as well as recently stepped-up 1st ADs looking to consolidate their knowledge and gain more confidence in the role?

The course will be taught by a highly experienced assistant director and working 1st AD guest speaker(s), and is aimed at ensuring that UK productions have access to a cohort of skilled and educated 1st assistant directors who can bring increased value to the production chain.

This programme is supported by the ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills Fund with contributions from UK high-end TV productions and by ScreenSkills as part of the BFI Future Film Skills programme using funds from the National Lottery.

Assistant directors need to be equipped to understand the necessary approach to take in what is a sensitive position, given that they are often torn between the needs of the direction and the requests of the production. This training course will ensure that participants are better placed to serve both producers and directors, as well as maintaining a safe environment on set and ensuring they remain mentally healthy throughout the shoot process. 

The dates are as follows: Sat, 19 Feb - 26 Feb 2022; Wed, 16 Mar - 23 Mar 2022. For more on the qualifying criteria and how to apply, click here

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