Genevieve Barr wins Red Planet Prize

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Red Planet Genevieve Barr has won this year’s Red Planet Prize for her legal drama Curio. 

The prize recognises diverse and talented writers who can create original and authentic drama with mainstream appeal.

Receiving a script commission as part of the winner’s prize, Yorkshire-based Barr will now work with both Red Planet Pictures and ITV to develop CURIO as a fresh and original four-part drama. 

The runner-up, Nick Ahad, will receive development opportunities with Red Planet Pictures and ITV on the back of his script, Apnay. 

Barr is a deaf writer and actor and has previously collaborated with screenwriter and playwright Jack Thorne on several projects, most recently on factual drama Independence Day? How Disabled Rights Were Won (BBC Two). 

Her script, Curio, freshly examines the question of consent. When the family of a disabled man accuse his girlfriend of rape, a newspaper’s investigation throws up a spate of abuse cases surrounding the contentious issue of Facilitated Communication. 

Barr said of the gong: “I am totally overwhelmed and thrilled that CURIO has been selected. Thank you so much to Red Planet and ITV for this opportunity and for their efforts in developing emerging writers. I can’t wait to get into the story.”

ITV drama commissioner Chloe Tucker said: “We have met so many great writers during this prize, and are delighted to announce Genevieve as the winner and Nick as the runner-up.

“Genevieve's writing is so visceral and surprising, it gets under your skin. We're also very happy to recognise Nick's work, which is incredibly entertaining. I want to thank everyone at Red Planet for helping us discover such brilliant talent.”

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