BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine

BBC Arts BBC Arts has confirmed a raft of new cultural content that aims to curate a virtual festival of the arts, including a puppet show created by Margaret Atwood while in isolation, to accompany her narration of an Edgar Allan Poe story. 

The Culture in Quarantine programming will also give access to shuttered exhibitions and performances around the country as part of a four-part series, Museum in Quarantine. 

A three-day virtual books festival called The Big Book Weekend will bring together the best of the cancelled British literary festivals, with video interviews, panel discussions and ‘in conversation’ sessions broadcast live over the early May bank holiday weekend.

The Margaret Atwood puppet show is part of Mary Beard’s Front Row Late for BBC Two, which will see the classicist host the series from her study. 

Tony Hall, BBC director-general, said: "It’s important during this period that we maintain access not just to news and information, but to the arts and culture. For many people they are a valuable part of their lives and a way of stimulating imagination, thought, and escapism. It’s a vital part of who we are as individuals and part of our identity as a nation.

"So I’m delighted that we have been able to work with organisations up and down the country to deliver everything from virtual access to exhibitions and book festivals, through to performances. There is something for everyone. By working together, we can still have a vibrant period of culture to brighten our lives."


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