Gurinder Chadha readies to film TV drama

Gurinder ChadhaWriter/director Gurinder Chadha is prepping a major new TV drama to film in the UK and India. 

Beecham House, a 6 x 60 series for ITV, is set on the cusp of the 19th century in Delhi.

It follows the fortunes of former soldier John Beecham and his family as they start a new life in an imposing old mansion house. 

Chadha has written the drama with Paul Mayeda Burges, Shahrukh Husain and Victor Levin.

Production Intelligence subscribers can log in for details of the producer, line producer, production designer and DoP; shoot dates are also on the site. 

Filming on Beecham House will be split between the UK and India and will run for around 15 weeks in total. 

There are currently almost 100 projects listed on PI as being in pre-production with other TV dramas including Catherine the Great, Doing Money and Giri/Haji. 

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Image via Getty Images Ent/Dave J Hogan.


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