Liverpool doubles in Jimmy McGovern drama

Shooting starts in two weeks on Jimmy McGovern's new drama, Reg, with Liverpool providing the majority of the locations.

Jimmy McGovern

The feature length BBC One drama centres on former ambulance driver Reg Keys who, having lost his son in the second Iraq war in June 2003, stood as an anti-war protester against then Prime Minister Tony Blair in his Sedgefield constituency in the 2005 election.

McGovern (pictured), who has got to know Keys over the intervening years, has been fascinated by the idea of an 'everyman' taking on the British Prime Minister, and has been quoted as saying: "It's the strength of Reg Keys. He did it against the odds. He did it in spite of the system not through the system."

The majority of locations that the drama will use during its four week shoot are in Liverpool, although in many instances the city will be doubling for other sites. Downing Street will be recreated, partly by using a set, partly by green screen.

Other locations include Blacko in Lancashire, and Manchester Town Hall, which is doubling for a London location.

The drama comes from Colin McKeown's Liverpool-based LA Productions; further details of crucial hires and shoot dates can be found on Production Intelligence.

Production Intelligence

Jimmy McGovern photo courtesy of Frederick M Brown/Getty Images Ent.

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