Scotland gets creative industries inquiry

OutladerWe have reported extensively over the last year or so on how the lack of a designated film and TV studio in Scotland is having an adverse effect on the country, as other nations and regions flourish amidst a film and TV production boom.

There is currently a planning application in place for such a facility, and now it seems that Scotland's creative industries are to be the subject of an inquiry to be held by Westminster's Scottish Affairs Committee - a potential boost to add to the groundswell of opinion calling for a home-grown studio.

The Scotsman reported that the inquiry will include a look at how the creative industries contribute to the economy, as well as taking into account how related UK policies such as tax relief affects Scotland, with the committee querying whether changes may be needed in those areas to ensure growth.

Scotland will also be held up alongside the UK in general, to help assess how effectively the UK, Scottish and local governments are working in allegiance to promote the creative industries.

Scottish Affairs Committee chair Pete Wishart stressed that the creative industries in Scotland have already been designated a key growth area in Scotland but that the UK-wide context must be considered. He also said that the inquiry would be calling for opinions from representatives within the industry.


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