Houdini & Doyle - major new drama

Stephen ManganA major new supernatural drama about two of the early 20th century's most iconic figures is set to begin filming later this summer. 

ITV Encore will air Houdini & Doyle, a 10 x 60 from Big Talk Productions and Canada's Shaftesbury Films in association with Shore Z. 

From David Shore, the creator of House, the show is written and created by his long-time collaborator David Hoselton, and leading Canadian screenwriter David Titcher. 

Episodes star Stephen Mangan will play Sir Arthur Conan Doyle while House's Michael Weston is Harry Houdini; the enigmatic men were friends and crime solvers in real life, although the Sherlock Holmes creator was a firm believer in the paranormal while the master magician was a Michael Westonsupreme sceptic - polarised beliefs within an unlikely friendship. 

Kenton Allen, Luke Alkin and Matthew Justice executive produce for Big Talk Productions. Allen said:  "Our spectacularly talented writers, who are all conveniently called David, have conjured up brilliant scripts based on this remarkable real-life relationship that have attracted an incredible cast and creative team. I can't wait for audiences around the world to enjoy the rollercoaster ride we're about to take them on.'

Adrian Sturges produces with Stephen Hopkins at the helm to direct the first block of filming.

On Production Intelligence you can find full details on Houdini & Doyle, including: shoot dates, UK studio, line producer, casting director, production designer, production manager and production co-ordinator.  

Production Intelligence

Stephen Mangan photo courtesy of Dave J. Hogan/Getty Images; Michael Weston photo courtesy of David Livingston/Getty Images. 


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