Whisky Galore remake is up and running

Whisky GaloreThe long-awaited big screen remake of the classic 1941 comedy Whisky Galore is now in pre-production and readying for cameras to roll later this summer. 

The charming black and white original from Ealing Studios was directed by Alexander Mackendrick and based on the novel by Compton Mackenzie, which in turn was based on the real events of 1941 when the S.S. Politician was shipwrecked in the Outer Hebrides. 

An hilarious battle ensued when the wily islanders on nearby Eriskay tried to salvage the huge cargo of whisky on board, enraging the British authorities. 

There has been talk of a new version for over ten years, so it is very exciting for us to have details on the project now that cameras are nearly ready to roll on the remake of this classic comedy. 

Producer Iain Maclean is behind the feature, with seasoned director Gillies Mackinnon calling the shots from Peter McDougall's screenplay.

The majority of the shooting takes place in Glasgow, with a brief stint in the Scottish Highlands. 

From 13 June, subscribers to Production Intelligence can see specific details on the project including shoot dates, line producer, casting director, production manager, production co-ordinator and production designer. 

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