Three Ticks launches across all BFI funding

The Three Ticks initiative is about to be launched across all BFI funding activities, spearheaded by Deborah Williams in the new role of diversity manager.

The programme requires all recipients of BFI Lottery film production funding to demonstrate their commitment to encourage diversity. The beneficiaries must demonstrate their efforts by incorporating a diverse workforce to their project plus training and skills development, all the while making sure that under-represented groups and stories are properly exhibited on screen.

The scheme was developed by the BFI and has been vigorously supported by UK producers' association PACT.

Director of the BFI Film Fund, Ben Roberts, said: "It's been incredibly encouraging to see the industry engage positively with the Three Ticks guidelines we introduced last year. Deborah's appointment is the most important next step for us in supporting the implementation of the guidelines and working with the industry on addressing perceived challenges to diversity."

Diversity has been a hot topic of late: we recently reported on the hiring of Amanda Ariss as the new executive director of the Creative Diversity Network. Ariss said on the issue: "Increasing diversity offers big benefits for broadcasters, programme makers and viewers. [I] look forward to helping the industry take big strides forward on this vital agenda."

In addition to helping groups endowed with the fund, Williams will work with the BFI's partners and a plethora of other companies in the UK film sector to address the opportunities, issues and barriers to diversity. 


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