UK film co-production partners show varied results

Between 2007-2013, the UK has co-produced some of the world's most renowned films with a plethora of different countries. 12 Years a Slave (UK and US), The Zero Theorem (UK & Romania) and Mr Turner (UK, France & Germany) have all benefited from the involved countries' tax incentives.

Leading the way in regards to the amount of films co-produced with the UK is France with 40 productions. The country is also the most successful co-production partner for Britain with films like Diana and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy both reaching the top 50 at the global box office.

Though big partners, Ireland and Canada are currently not performing as well in the co-production department when it comes to box office results on a global scale. Ireland, which has helped churn out 28 films - among which The Daisy Chain and Outcast - has not made a strong impact, with only four films getting to the top 50.

Other big co-pro partners were Germany, Spain and Canada. The latter collaborated with the UK on 17 co-productions with films such as If I Were You and The Stone of Destiny. Co-production with Italy also seems a successful venture for the UK. Out of the 10 films made together with Italian partners eight reached the top 50.

A country that does not currently inhabit a spot in the top 10 territories that co-produce with the UK is China, which Amanda Nevill, chief executive of The British Film Institute said she was keen to build a stronger relationship with since their recent spike in growth within the film industry.

She said: "In mainland China, the number of cinema screens has doubled to over 18,000 screens in the last few years. There are 10 new screens opening every day. The value of the Chinese box office is forecast to outstrip the US within five years and 41% of our export is to the US market, so the Chinese export market could become as important as the US is for us now."

Revealing an ambition to double the market share of British films in the UK to 16%, Nevill, said: "The share of UK films in our home theatrical market has been bumping along at around 8% for the past five years, with the occasional spike when we have films such as The King's Speech, The Woman in Black or The Inbetweeners. I don't think 8% is good enough.

"What would the world look like if that doubled? Imagine the cultural change that would make, imagine the additional opportunity that would make for our aspiring writers, directors, actors."

With a number of high profile UK films such as: Tulip Fever, Spectre and The Woman in Gold due for release in the next couple of years the UK market is expected to grow significantly, hopefully bringing in more strong co-productions and an increased market share.

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