Star Wars: Episode VII - is it a wrap?

Star  Wars cast

Well, it appears the juggernaut that is Star Wars: Episode VII has finally come to a halt after six months of filming.

From the minute it was announced that the project was in development, the internet was near meltdown with speculation about cast members, plotlines and locations.

Every day brought new opinions and suggestions, but the massive PR operation behind the film also kept the public pretty well fed with nuggets at cleverly judged intervals, such as the pictures of the cast holding a read through at Pinewood Studios.

Although it has not been officially confirmed that filming has finished, the vast cast and crew were reportedly at a massive party held at the Science Museum in London at the weekend, nearly three weeks after the official opening of the London office for Industrial Light & Magic. A photo was also posted on Twitter of a letter from super producers Kathleen Kennedy, Bryan Burk and J.J Abrams (who also directed, just in case you've been under a rock for the last year) thanking the crew and cast for their efforts.

The letter began, "It is a true honor and absolute joy to come to set every day and work alongside each of you", and finished with the words "Wear it well, wear it healthily, wear it proudly. But mostly, thank you."

It certainly is a ringing endorsement for all the UK crew involved, something we're always happy to hear at Knowledge HQ.

Now then, where's Daniel Craig? Pinewood is ready for you now, Mr Bond…


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