Ode to UK crew

Camera kit


Here at The Knowledge we are so pleased to say

Film production is having a red-letter day

And telly too, for that is rife

With cameras rolling from Kent to Fife.


The Hollywood honchos come back anew

For the tax relief and world class crew.

Our studios, sets and locations bulge

But wait, what's this? We can divulge,


That maybe, without wishing to sound a drag

There is also the chance of a nagging snag:

As the industry enjoys its growing girth,

Of fabulous crew there may be a dearth.


From line producers we now hear it said

That it's getting harder to plan ahead.

In Aberystwyth, Tring and Doddingham

Schedules are packed for months to come.


Diaries are marked in heavy ink

As UK crew barely have time to blink.

From grips to gaffers across the land

Everyone is in such demand.


So here's our plea, to all our crew

Don't go abroad, for we need you!