Location Scotland creates TV prod department

Location Scotland has joined forces with two international companies to produce a stunning new car commercial, marking the launch of their new TV production department.

The department is called LS Motion - see more details here - and is headed by BAFTA-winning producer Sarah Drummond, who joins the already well-established LS Stills team.

The commercial was made by a collaboration comprising Feit Films of Switzerland, who produced the commercial, with France's Orange Film on board for service production. Location Scotland provided full production and location services for Scotland.

Quant Night Shoot

The new ad is for the QUANT e-Sportlimousine and is shot in a sweeping, highly cinematic style. The spot features ethereal underwater segments with echoes of a James Bond opening sequence (filmed by Orange Film at Pinewood) and a tricksy CGI sequence involving a flock of birds, as well as the more traditional aerial tracking shots. It is accompanied by a roaring, epic soundtrack.

Quant Wing mirror shot

The commercial was filmed in Scotland, France and Monaco. The original idea was to use just one Scottish location, but the team fell in love with the country and ended up covering great distances to shoot in Glencoe, Skye and Kylesku. It was filmed on a grand scale, with several road closures and helicopters involved.

You can watch the ad below.


QUANT e-Sportlimousine from Location Scotland on Vimeo.

Full production credits

Scottish locations and production: Location Scotland

Director: Marco Lutz

DoP: Pascal Walder

Executive producer: Wiebke Feit and Claus Feit

Line producer Scotland: Sarah Drummond | Location Scotland

Line producer England: Helmut Hutter

Line producer France and Monaco: Gian-Andrea Albin

PA Scotland: Sophie Elizabeth | Location Scotland

Styling: Stephan Hingst

Editing: Jessie Fischer

Postproduction: Chimney Germany

Music and sound design: The German Wahnsinn Team

The TV and film industry in Scotland is very much in the news, with a recent Scottish Enterprise report calling for a permanent studio facility. Take a look here for more details on the report and the reaction.