Harvey Nichols release tongue-in-cheek festive ad

harvey nicholsNow we know a lot of you might be sick of all this festive ad talk but please bear with us, as Harvey Nichols might just have the antidote to all the schmaltzy and mega-budget commercials on our TV screens right now.  

We've all been there haven't we? You set off to do your Christmas shopping and return having spent much more on yourself than your loved ones. If this is a regular occurrence then you'll no doubt appreciate the department store's festive Sorry I Spent It On Myself campaign.

The tongue-in-cheek ad features people giving their nearest and dearest Ultra Low Net Worth (ULNW) gifts, which include 100% real wood toothpicks, a water-resistant sink plug and authentic Lincolnshire gravel - a bargain at £1.61.

As the family members try to conceal their disappointment, it's clear the gift-givers have spent more on themselves in the store - from a pair of shiny shoes to a luxurious handbag.

From Adam & Eve DDB and directed by James Rouse (Marmite Neglect, Extreme Sheepherding), the campaign is a refreshing twist on some of the other big-budget, somewhat self-indulgent Xmas ads airing right now.

Like Rouse's controversial Marmite ad it's shot in a documentary style and the bemused reactions from the actors are spot on, all adding to the believability of the scenes.

Want to get your hands on some of the collection? Then no problem, you can purchase any one of them online as well as in store from 27 December. If toothpicks aren't the right gift however, you can always buy a pair of Valentino shoes for yourself instead - a snip at £595.

To see the products in their full glory, check out the video below the ad.