From PI: Stephen Tompkinson to star in BBC One drama

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Stephen Tompkinson to star in new drama series for BBC One.

Stephen Tompkinson will play Malachi Davies in the five-part series, Truckers, from Company Pictures, which shoots in Nottingham from the middle of May 2013. William Ivory is behind the screenplay, which centres on a Midlands-based haulage company – each episode will feature a different trucker’s story.

Tompkinson said: “Occasionally in my career, I've been able to say an immediate yes to a project without seeing a script, simply because of the writer’s name. Truckers is certainly up there with William Ivory’s other celebrated works and it is indeed an honour to be a part of it and a genuine thrill to be bringing it to BBC One.”

Faye Dorn produces for Company Pictures, with directors Sheree Folkson and Sue Tully in place. Executive producers are Steve Lightfoot, John Yorke and William Ivory for Company Pictures and Polly Hill for the BBC.

Further information on Truckers can be found on Production Intelligence, the online database of advance productions from The Knowledge.
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