New Channel 4 factual TV learning programme

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Looking to get your foot in the door of factual TV programme making? Channel 4’s new learning programme can help…

The broadcaster has launched a new learning platform and traineeship programme, Open4, aimed at people who want a career in factual TV programme production.

Available via the 4Talent website from July 2013, it will offer 15 learning modules, designed to educate users about various aspects of the process of factual TV production.

Leading figures from Channel 4, such as chief creative officer Jay Hunt, will share their insights into the world of TV via video interviews.

As you long as you have an interest in making factual TV shows, Open4 is free and open to anyone over the age of 16.

In addition Open4, the broadcaster is also giving 60 users selected the chance to:

• Attend a three week media boot camp
• Take part in a three month paid, practical traineeship with a Channel 4 associated independent production company
• Gain an accredited Creative Skillset qualification
• Receive a guaranteed acceptance to the assessment day for the Channel 4 Production Training Programme.

Colin Campbell-Austin, people development manager at Channel 4 said: “At Channel 4 we pride ourselves on creating opportunities for passionate and talented people from all backgrounds and walks of life to maximise creativity and Open4 complements this ethos perfectly. Open4, as part of the wider project ‘Open Channels’, has the potential to totally reshape thinking around new talent education and entry into the media industry.”