Panasonic and Samsung - a clash of the TV titans?

We're having a little debate here at The Knowledge HQ that we're hoping you, our dear readers, could help us solve. 

Check out these two adverts for Panasonic and Samsung, both advertising their TV's. One is from Panasonic and the other from Samsung. Notice anything similar about them?















SAMSUNG  - The King of TV - 2013









The Panasonic ad was created by Brave Marketing and directed by Gerald McMorrow (UK) back in 2010. Samsung's version, which was released just last week, was developed at CHI & Partners, London, and directed by Adam Berg (Sweden).

We'd swear they both use the exact same location. And what is with the running bulls and nearing cars?

What do you think? Surely two rival electronic companies shouldn't feature identical ads… should they?

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