Channel 4 Unveils 4 New On-Demand Ad Formats

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Channel 4's Digital Ad Sales team has released four new enhanced video ad formats to the advertising market saying the new ad formats [Ad Pause, Ad Extend, Ad Link and Ad Mix] will provide advertisers with more innovative opportunities to interact with the audience.
Ad Pause offers advertisers the opportunity to be the exclusive pause partner across each genre of on-demand service 4OD. Each time a viewer presses pause, an advertiser's animated or static ad will fill the player and remain on screen until the user resumes play or exits.
Ad Extend enables advertisers to showcase longer ads on 4OD. During an ad of up to 40 seconds on 4OD, a static button remains over the video offering viewers the chance see the full ad without leaving the 4OD player.
Ad Link introduces an interactive toolbar with a range of calls to action including: Contact Us; Facebook; Twitter; Find your local store; Share with friends; and Buy now.
Ad Mix offers advertisers the option to combine any of Channel 4's 4OD enhanced video ad formats or even create something new, tailored to each client's needs.
These new ad formats follow the launch of existing video ad enhancements, Ad Elect, Ad Social, Ad Interact and Ad Bloom, last year. Mr Kipling, Mikado, H&M Marni, McCain, Red Bull, L'Oreal, Cadbury, Marks and Spencer, HTC and Adidas are some of the brands that have carried campaigns through these video ad formats.
Jonathan Allan, Channel 4's Sales Director, said: "Channel 4 is continually exploring new ways to engage with our viewers through content and advertising. These new video formats showcase Channel 4 as the most innovative broadcaster in the advertising marketplace."