Channel 5 Extends Cowboy Franchise

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Following on from Cowboy Builders, Channel 5 has announced Cowboy Traders, a new show to be presented by Dom Littlewood and Melinda Messenger.

Explaining the series, Channel 5 says: “For the past three years Channel 5 has exposed some of Britain’s worst, most unscrupulous and incompetent Cowboy Builders, bringing them to the attention of the authorities and rebuilding the homes of the victims whose lives they’ve ruined. However, the building trade isn’t the only industry that needs cleaning up. From dodgy car dealers to unscrupulous bridal shop owners to fly-by-night property landlords, Britain is awash with dishonest tradesmen all too happy to take your money and run.”

Ian Dunkley, Channel 5 Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment, said: “The series will expose some of the worst business practices in Britain, show the devastating effect these can have on ordinary families, and help put things right for the victims.” In each episode Littlewood exposes the scams while Messenger focuses on righting the wrongs. The series is produced by Ricochet and the Executive Producer for the series is Rob Butterfield. Cowboy Traders will air on Channel 5 in March 2012.