Controversial Geordie Shore A Ratings Hit For MTV

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MTV UK's reality show Geordie Shore, based on the hit Jersey Shore format, has debuted strongly. The show, which follows a group of Geordie youngsters as they go on a series of racy nights out, opened on May 24 with 329,000 viewers, making it MTV UK's highest rating show in three years. It has also been a hit online, pulling in more than a million views across and other video-based websites.

However it hasn't gone down well with everyone. Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah told The Metro Newspaper: "I'm going to be raising questions in Parliament because I think there should be a limit on how much alcohol a broadcaster can pour down the throats of young people to provoke sensational acts. By putting those young people in this situation, it's encouraging them to lose all their dignity. I think it's totally unrepresentative of Newcastle." The show has also been condemned by the city's local tourism board.