Wonderhood Studios produces Dodi Al-Fayed documentary

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Dodi and Diana Wonderhood Studios is in production on a feature documentary for Paramount+ and Channel 5 about the life of Dodi Al-Fayed. 

Dodi: Last Days of a Playboy (1x90’) reveals the other side of the ‘pampered playboy’ image – that of a lonely, isolated boy who had to deal with his parents’ divorce at a young age, and who went on to feel as if he had failed to live up to his father’s expectations. 

The doc covers Al-Fayed’s life up until the events of 31 August 1997 when he and Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris. 

With unprecedented access to his former girlfriends Denice D. Lewis and Annie Cardone, close friends including Peter Riva and business partners, the film charts Al-Fayed’s life from his early days as a child caught up in his parents’ separation, through a stint at Sandhurst at the behest of his father, and a career in Hollywood - to his final weeks in France. 

The film reveals how Dodi’s determination to forge his own path brought him into conflict with Mohamed Al-Fayed. His father struggled to let him have his independence, preferring to keep him close to help achieve his own ambitions. 

Tom Anstiss, executive producer, Wonderhood Studios, said: “The story of Diana’s death is one of the most well-told stories in history, but half of that story is missing.  Our film reclaims the life and legacy of Dodi. It’s a nuanced and tragic tale which explores how a kaleidoscope of seminal moments in social history brought together a Princess, a Patriarch and a Playboy.”

Luke Korzun Martin, director, added: “This film has extraordinary access to a fascinating range of people who knew Dodi intimately across his life. Their untold and deeply personal testimony delivers a dramatic and compelling new narrative about an enigmatic figure who was part of one of the most significant events in modern times.”

Dodi: Last Days of a Playboy is filmed, produced and directed by Luke Korzun Martin, produced by Cecilia Valensise, and executive produced by Tom Anstiss and Samantha Anstiss. 

Image credit: Alamy/PA.


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