Film & TV Charity launches anti-racism fund

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Film & TV Charity The Film and TV Charity today launched a new initiative to tackle racism within the industry, building on previously-announced changes.

The new scheme consists of a new £1m programme to support community leaders and groups that are working to effectively  challenge and prevent racism and discrimination in the screen sector.

Also, with immediate effect, the charity will ringfence 30% of its future grants budget for Black, Asian and minority ethnic people to ensure fair access funding.


The Film & TV Charity had previously created a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Community Grants Scheme, in September 2020, so the new steps will boost the work already underway.


The charity said: “We are committed to being an actively Anti-Racist organisation. We recognise the importance of long-term investment in this process as we make permanent, structural changes to ensure support is readily accessible to Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in our industry.”


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