Cottontail to shoot UK and Japan

Jessie Buckley A new feature film from producer Gabrielle Tana is set to shoot in the UK and Japan from late June. 

The feature is written and directed by Patrick Dickinson and centres on the poignant journey of Kenzaburo who, after his wife Akiko passes away in Japan, embarks with his estranged son Toshi to the Lake District in England - the land of Beatrix Potter, whose charming tales of Peter Rabbit captivated Akiko as a child.

She had always hoped to travel there one day with Kenzaburo, and now he must fulfil her last wish and scatter her ashes amongst the natural beauty of the lakes.

Cottontail stars Lily Franky, Ciaran Hinds, Ryô Nishikido and Jessie Buckley, with Tae Kimura and Rin Takanashi among the supporting cast. 

Shooting will be split roughly 50/50 between the UK and Japan, where the main filming location will be Tokyo with a brief stint scheduled to take place at Lake Shibire. 

The film is co-produced by Jamie Harvey and Satch Watanabe.


Jessie Buckley image: David M. Benett - © 2015 David M. Benett - Image courtesy 


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