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Channel 4 has commissioned a three-part series called Britain’s Most Luxurious Hotels (w/t) from Spun Gold TV

Each hour-long episode will go behind the scenes at one of the UK’s most lavish hotels: Corinthia and The Langham in London and Chewton Glen in Hampshire, and will follow the staff as they go through a period of turmoil for the hospitality industry. 

Daniela Neumann, MD of Spun Gold TV says: “This has been an extraordinary year for hotels and we have been given remarkable access throughout to see how three of Britain’s most luxurious hotels have fared – with and without guests. 

“This is the perfect escapist series for all of us sitting at home and longing for a mini-break or holiday and the best rooms and service money can buy.”

Britain’s Most Luxurious Hotels is produced and directed by John Joe Bardsley and executive produced by Anna Edwinson and Daniela Neumann. 

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