C4 orders Tom Allen: Ad Man

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Tom Allen Comedian Tom Allen is set to present a new C4 programme exploring advertising over the last 65 years. 

Boundless is producing Tom Allen: Ad Man (w/t), which will use extensive advertising archives to chart the changing values and attitudes of the UK. 

The four x 60 is filmed from Allen’s home with a self-shooting kit.

He said: “I’m delighted to be analysing the world of advertising which, in our consumer age, has really dictated how we see ourselves. I don’t even know who I am unless I’m buying something! 

“If I buy Ski Yoghurt - does that make me a health freak? If I choose Diet Coke - does that mean I should take my top off? Would drinking Cinzano make me Joan Collins??! Anyway, fingers crossed it’s just as glamourous as the programme Mad Men, but here’s hoping I don’t start smoking, drinking Scotch during the day and having an affair with my secretary.”

The executive producers are Cal Turner and Amanda Sangorski.

Photo: C4.