Channel 4 recommissions 60 Days format

C4Channel 4 has commissioned 60 Days with the Gypsies with ex-soldier and explorer Ed Stafford. 

The 3 x 60 series follows 60 Days on the Street which aired last year.

From Boundless (part of Fremantle), the programme will see Stafford immerse himself in Romani Gypsy and Irish Travelling culture for 60 days, to provide insight from the inside. It will combine self-shooting techniques alongside a small crew. 

The commission comes at a time when the government is considering new police powers which will make the traditional travelling way of life more difficult. It will aim to look at why the conflict between settled communities and gypsies is so prevalent.

As part of the production team, Boundless has brought on Jake Bowers, a Romani journalist and filmmaker.
Neil Smith, MD of Boundless, said: “Ed’s raw and honest portrayal of life on the streets struck a chord with the British public and we’re back to tell another important story of a marginalised community from their perspective.”

Ian Dunkley, commissioner, factual entertainment at Channel 4, said, “The series promises to bring an authentic and revelatory take on an often misunderstood section of society. By living with, and alongside, different Travelling communities Ed can give a unique insight into the challenges they face in their everyday lives.”

The executive producers for Boundless are Ben Mitchell and Ewen Thomson.


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