Channel 4 to challenge meat-eaters

C4Channel 4 has commissioned a factual series that challenges meat-eating families to test their resolve after sharing their lives with the very animals they would normally put on their plates. 

Meat the Family (w/t) comes from Spun Gold TV and executive producer Juliet Rice.

The 3 x 60 will follow the families as they live alongside the various animals for three weeks.

After this time, the families will have to decide whether to go ahead and eat the creatures or give up meat and send the beasts to a sanctuary.

Daniela Neumann, managing director at Spun Gold, said: “In this series we confront some really timely themes of ethical eating in a unique and entertaining fashion. 

“Why do we find it acceptable to eat a lamb but we wouldn’t eat our pet dog? Could you go back to meat once you’ve put a name and face to a meal? This is a series that will combine amazing research about animal intelligence with some heart-warming moments.”


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