Elton John film uses iconic studio

Taron Egerton A new film about the life of Elton John is preparing to shoot at Bray Studios, previously best-known as the home of  iconic horror producers Hammer Film Productions.

Taron Egerton stars as the singer/songwriter in Rocketman. The film comes from Matthew Vaughn’s Marv Films and John’s company Rocket Pictures for Paramount and is described as a fantasy musical rather than a biopic. 

Bray Studios, near Maidenhead, was closed to filming in 2012 with plans in the pipeline for a housing project. It is not yet known whether the re-opening of the facility will become permanent or is a temporary measure to house Rocketman. 

The studio was home to many other projects as well as the Hammer horror films, including the Gerry Anderson production Terrahawks, the model and miniature filming for Alien and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Production Intelligence subscribers can log in for more details on Rocketman including the UPM, location manager and production co-ordinator. 

Taron Egerton photo via Getty Images Ent/WireImage/Steve Granitz. 


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