Troy - Fall Of A City shoots next spring

Cape Town BBC One’s ambitious new drama Fall Of A City about the ancient siege of Troy is now in pre-production with filming due to begin in South Africa next spring.

From London-based production company Kudos, the production is based entirely in South Africa and, although much of the crew is locally sourced, there are several key UK HoDs on board including the co-producer – PI subscribers can log in for details.

Also on PI are the shoot dates on the hefty drama, which will film for around five months. The story is by David Farr and explores the war between Greece and Troy as seen through the eyes of a Trojan family at the centre of the siege.

Farr, who also wrote The Night Manager, said of the commission when it was officially announced: ““The story of Ilium, the ancient city of Troy, has always gripped me. Fall Of A City aims to convey in all its emotional richness, the effects of war, and the toll taken on city and family by the horrors of siege. Though one of Europe’s oldest stories, it could not be more sadly pertinent today.”

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