Idris Elba takes the director’s chair

Idris ElbaLuther actor Idris Elba is to make his directorial feature debut later this year when he steps behind the camera on Yardie.

The film is an adaptation of the London-set book by Jamaica-born British writer Victor Headley, published in 1992, which centres on a cocaine courier who rises through the ranks of London’s drug-dealing underbelly.

The book came to market by unconventional means, having been sold at clothes shops, hair salons and even outside nightclubs.

Elba will be calling the shots from a screenplay by Bronson co-writer Brock Norman Brock; the adaptation comes from prolific indie Warp Films. No dates have been set yet for the production, but it is likely to be much later in the year, towards Q4.

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Photo courtesy of Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Ent.

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