Doctor Strange nearly ready to start filming

Benedict CumberbatchThe start date for principal photography on Doctor Strange has been confirmed, with cameras ready to roll from 4 November.

Here at The Knowledge we have been following the progress of the Marvel blockbuster with a keen eye, not least because it sees our very own Benedict Cumberbatch segue neatly from playing Hamlet on stage at the Barbican to portraying the Sorcerer Supreme in the hefty new feature - from a tortured prince with a mental block to a enigmatic super-powered doc…

Tilda Swinton, Rachel McAdams and Chiwietel Ejiofor are also attached to star in the film, which has been in pre-production in the UK for around five months. Scott Derrickson directs, with Marvel honcho Kevin Feige producing.

Subscribers to PI will know that we have been following Doctor Strange for over a year, and now have listings for the studio as well as crucial hires including the UPM and location manager.

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