Mark Duggan docu-drama in pre-production

Acme Films are preparing to shoot a docu-drama on the well-publicized shooting of Mark Duggan.

The 60-minute film, currently with the working title Lawfully Killed, is reportedly set to show what Duggan was like behind the 'gangster' stereotype he was labelled with.

So far the production of the film has been highly controversial as the casting call from the BBC and Acme states: "Mark Duggan was not the notorious gunman the press have portrayed him to be; neither was he, as his family readily accept, an angel.

"In this film we will try to find the man behind the gangster stereotype and understand the challenges he faced as a young black man from Tottenham's Broadwater Farm Estate, an area which has lived in a state of semi-permanent siege since the murder of PC Keith Blakelock in 1985."

Since the casting call the BBC has denied that the film has an agenda to challenge the verdict of the resulting trial and will take in all points of view with regards to what happened.

Production Intelligence features more details on the upcoming film including the production manager, producer and executive producer. 

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