Steampunk Frankenstein feature in pipeline

An original take on the classic gothic horror tale Frankenstein is moving towards pre-production, with a view to principal photography starting up in the spring.

After Frankenstein

There is a steampunk element in this latest version of Mary Shelley's work, which is very much the brainchild of writer, producer and director Ilyas Kaduji, who also works as a visual effects supervisor and designer, frequently creating artwork and designing concepts for his films.

Kaduji directs After Frankenstein from a screenplay by Phil Daay, based on a story by Kaduji, Daay and Malcolm Winter; the latter also executive produces. Kaduji and Mafalda Sa produce.

The film explores the possibility that, when Victor Frankenstein and his monster died in 1799, maybe their secrets did not die with them. It asks the questions: What became of Victor's research and discoveries? What if his journals and notes survived and fell into the wrong hands?


The feature is set in 1850, with the industrial revolution in full swing in England - new machines and inventions making headlines around the world. But another darker, more sinister industrial revolution is also taking place, as patients from asylums are mutilated and the alleys of London are full of gruesome finds.

After Frankenstein castle

Starring Kerry Norton, Jamie Bamber, William B. Davis, Amy Wiles, James Wiles and with Ray Murphy as The Monster, the film is based at 3 Mills Studios, at the stages as well as the backlots. A large amount of the stages will be greened out to allow the digital effects team to complete the lower floor set builds to produce vast gothic interiors.

For more on After Frankenstein, take a look at Production Intelligence, our online database of advance and archive productions.

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