Are we using the producer credit correctly?

One of the world's most notable producers, Harvey Weinstein, has this weekend argued that a change to film credits for producers is a must.

Weinstein, the man behind projects including Django Unchained, Good Will Hunting and upcoming productions The Hateful Eight and Kill Bill: Vol. 3, was talking at a Producers Guild of America (PGA) event, where he said that creative producers should be "taken a little more seriously" than their financial counterparts.

The producer offered the idea of a new CPGA category -  with the 'C' indicating the creative part - as well as a separate producer credit for producers organising the finance of a film. Weinstein said it should be clear from looking at the end roll who had done what for the production.

One of the arguments for the change is that a distinction between the two would help avoid a "five-people-on-stage car crash", such as the one he was involved in when in 1999 Shakespeare in Love won a Best Picture Oscar (as well as six others). When five producers took the stage that night and all claimed their moment with the mic, it was reason for the Academy to limit the number of producers who would be eligible for a production credit to three.

Earlier this year, the Academy announced that producer duos who meet certain criteria will be eligible to enter the awards as a single producer, which in turn would create the possibility of more producing nominees for Best Picture during next year's Oscars. 

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