One Born Every Minute heads to Liverpool

one born every minuteDragonfly West is gearing up for series 7 of Channel 4's One Born Every Minute, with shooting this time around taking place at Liverpool Women's Hospital.

The fixed-rig format features talking heads of parents-to-be and hospital staff, while capturing the emotional moments of the run up to, and delivery of, a newborn. Previous series have recorded at Bristol, Southampton and Leeds.

Using forty remotely-operated cameras, filming takes place 24 hours a day over a seven-week period, and since the series made its debut in 2010, 150 babies have been born on camera.

Sarah Swingler, head of Dragonfly West said: "We are really looking forward to filming the seventh series of One Born Every Minute in Liverpool Women's with its great mix of professionalism, warmth and humour. Even in recent series, One Born continues to tell compelling and magical stories: mums who make it to the hospital with minutes to spare before delivery, home births, twins and triplets, sick babies defying the odds, dads racing to the hospital, miracle IVF babies, and even a baby born in the hospital car park."

The BAFTA-winning programme has also gone on to spawn the spin-off series What Happened Next? catching up with parents from the show to see how they are coping with parenthood.