Filming on Hinterland 2 begins

Filming starts on Monday (1 September) on the second series of Hinterland, the Welsh/English noir drama starring Richard Harrington as DCI Tom Mathias.


Called Y Gwyll in Welsh, the series is shot back-to-back in English and Welsh in the west Wales county of Ceredigion; filming runs for nine months.

The locations used are pretty remote - the county itself has no motorways. Although much of the filming on series one centred around the town of Aberystwyth, the team also headed to spots such as the breathtaking nearby waterfalls of Devil's Bridge, with extreme winter weather often hampering the shoot.

When we spoke to the lovely line producer for series 2, she told us that some pretty wild and remote locations are on the shortlist again this time around - no doubt adding to the brooding atmosphere of the dark drama.

Hinterland brings together broadcast partners S4C and BBC Cymru Wales; the series is from co-creators Ed Talfan and Ed Thomas of Cardiff-based Fiction Factory Films, and fellow producer Gethin Scourfield.

Talfan summed up the idea of the show on a BBC Wales blog when he said "We wanted Hinterland to be an indigenous Welsh drama. The show is top-to-toe Welsh talent - Welsh producers, Welsh directors, Welsh writers, Welsh cast and a Welsh crew. We wanted to raise the bar to show what is being done in Wales with Welsh talent. Our guiding principles were that we wanted Hinterland to be grown-up, dark and sinewy and to have an energy and a boldness."

More information on Hinterland including line producer and director can be found on Production Intelligence, our online database of advance and archive productions. To order, click here.