BFI extends scheme to support UK films in US

BFI funds UK films for US distributionThe BFI has announced that it will extend its new US distribution fund to support British filmmakers who will see their film premiere at the 2014 SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas.

The fund aims to help filmmakers attract theatrical distribution and reach wider audiences in the US - the world's biggest film market.

The BFI will make awards of up to £25,000 per film available to US distributors so they can strengthen their marketing campaigns for the US theatrical release and support the promotion of UK film talent to US audiences. 

The pilot scheme was first launched at the beginning of the year to support UK films at Sundance. Three films applied and are enjoying distribution deals in the US. 

The US is a priority territory for the BFI's International Strategy alongside China and Brazil.

Ben Roberts, director of the BFI Film Fund says: "With each of the eligible films at Sundance quickly securing US distribution deals, we were very keen to extend the pilot to see if it has legs at SXSW, and explore further if it can help increase the visibility of a range of cultural British film in the all-important US market."

Films having their world premiere at SXSW and eligible for funding through the pilot US distribution initiative include:

The Legend of Shorty, co-directed by Angus Macquee and Guillermo Galdos

Beyond Clueless, directed by Charlie Lyne

The Possibilities are Endless, co-directed by Edward Lovelace and James Hall

Pulp, directed by Florian Habicht

Soul Boys of the Western World, directed by George Hencken