Adrien Brody boards biopic

Adrien BrodyAdrien Brody has been cast as Wind in the Willows creator Kenneth Grahame in the much-anticipated feature about the author's life.

The live action-animation project has been under the wing of charming producer Timothy Haas (of Haas Silver Levene Film Studios) for some time, and now it seems things are gathering pace with the announcement of A-lister Brody, who will also produce Banking on Mr Toad. Brian Blessed is attached to play Grahame's friend Frederick Furnivall.

Grahame wrote the classic tale about the misadventures Toad, Ratty, Badger, Mole et al while he was Secretary at The Bank of England towards the end of Queen Victoria's reign. First published in 1908, it has remained a favourite of children ever since.

Luis Mandoki directs the feature, which examines the life of the much-loved author - including his marriage to the eccentric Elspeth and his relationship with his son Alastair - from a screenplay by Haas. It will also draw on exclusive archive material.

Brody said of the project: "I was moved to tears by this compelling tale of a father's love for his child, and how the obstacles in life sometimes provide the spark of creativity to conquer them."

Haas remarked "It is a part made for him… it is a truly amazing story and the Bank of England have been extremely supportive and involved."

Now in pre-production, the film will be based at Shepperton Studios and on locations in the south of England.

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