Channel 4 makeover show packs Brits off to LA

A new Channel 4 show fronted by Hollywood interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard is sending lucky Brits to LA while their home back in Blighty gets a makeover. In Hollywood Me, the lucky participants will be treated to an all-expenses paid shopping spree and pampered with beauty treatments.

Bullard is well known in Hollywood and is friends with stars like Elton John and Sharon Osbourne. The unsuspecting “selfless and hard-working homeowners” will meet some of these A-listers when they land stateside. While enjoying the glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle, their homes in the UK will be given the makeover treatment, complete with a Tinseltown twist.

Hollywood Me

Commissioned by Channel 4 head of formats, Dominic Bird and commissioning editor, David Sayer, the 6 x 60 series will be co-produced by Ricochet Productions and Full of Bull Productions. Joanna Ball, Rob Butterfield and Vickie White will executive produce and Anna Stickland is the series producer for Ricochet.

Bird said: “Martyn is one of Hollywood’s most sought after and flamboyant interior designers and we are delighted that he is bringing his unique touch of eccentricity and celebrity glamour to unsuspecting members of the British public.”