Sundance London: Event highlights

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Kicking off on Thursday 25 April is the second edition of Sundance London, featuring UK premieres from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, along with panel discussions, filmmaker Q&As and other special events.

While the cinema showcases the very best in celluloid, the Festival Hub is where all the mingling and film chat takes place. The Hub will host several discussions – of which we have selected three highlights which should cater for all industry folk…

Documentary directors

On Saturday 27 April it’s time for the filmmaker hub talk, featuring top documentary filmmakers discussing the process of directing. Leading the talk is director Barbara Kopple (Running From Crazy), Roger Ross Williams (God Loves Uganda) and Gabriela Cowperthwaite (Blackfish). They will be talking about the process of directing films full of “powerful, emotional resonance that focus on urgent causes of global concern”. For further details, click here

Fundraising and audience building

Also on Saturday 27 April, funding platform Kickstarter hosts a talk about fundraising and audience building. Joining Kickstarter is the filmmaking team behind the award-winning documentary Blood Brother; along with Sundance Institute’s Keri Putnam and Kickstarter’s Kendel Ratley. For further details, click here

Low-budget filmmaking and exhibition

Rounding off the festival on Sunday 28 April is an open discussion about low-budget filmmaking and exhibition. Hosted by Film London Microwave - dubbed a one-stop-shop for budding filmmakers - the talk will feature filmmakers who have produced a feature under the constraints of a micro-budget. For further details, click here

For more film related events at Sundance, head over to their site this way