GoPro makes a spectacle with Vision Express

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Vision Express’ latest advert is the first to be shot entirely using a GoPro Hero camera. Directed by Conkerco, the ad was shot over three days in Sicily and London.

Created by marketing agency Dare, the commercial features a variety of people wearing glasses in different situations – from swimming to snowboarding – all shot from the GoPro, which was supported by a bespoke headcam rig.

Lee Leggett, CEO of Dare, said of the ad: “The category norm is to make a joke around the mishaps of not being able to see clearly. However, the right pair of glasses should be more than just the functional benefits around being able to see. They are part and parcel of people’s lives and their respective identities. We wanted to celebrate that in a really vibrant way.”

As well as shooting in 1080P full HD, the small wireless helmet camera can be submerged into 30 metres of water, and costs around £360. The company behind the camera is famous for its wearable cameras, used mainly by media professionals and sporting enthusiasts.

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