BBC Four acquires new dramas

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BBC Four has acquired two new crime dramas as part of its Saturday night line-up: Sweden’s Arne Dahl and Italy’s Inspector Da Luca. The channel is already home to several popular international dramas, including The Killing, Borgen and Mad Men.

A pseudonym of the award winning author Jan Arnald, Arne Dahl is based on five of Dahl’s novels, beginning with The Blinded Man. It revolves around a team of elite specialists who investigate the dark side of society. Produced by Filmlance International, the series is written by Rolf Börjlind and Cecilia Börjlind.

Produced by Ager 3/Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana, Inspector Da Luca is a four-part crime series based on the novels by Carlo Lucarelli. Set against the backdrop of Mussolini’s dictatorship in Bologna, it follows womanising Inspector Da Luca, an uncompromising and brutally honest investigator.

Richard Klein, Controller of BBC Four, said: “These acquisitions are part of BBC Four’s ongoing mission to give viewers an excuse to stay in on a Saturday night by offering an entertaining alternative to Saturday television viewing. Arne Dahl continues in the tradition of The Killing and Wallander in portraying a social hinterland through the prism of the day-to-day of police investigation; and Inspector Da Luca is a clever and hugely entertaining drama that portrays wartime Italy in a way that is both very familiar to our own war time experiences and intriguingly foreign.”

The channel also announced it will broadcast series three of The Bridge later in the year. The Danish drama is also currently being remade by Kudos Film & Television, under the new title The Tunnel.

Further production details on The Tunnel can be found on Production Intelligence, the online database of advance productions from The Knowledge:

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