UK film production spending declines; Skyfall tops 2012 box office

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The BFI has published a report detailing UK production spending in 2012. Figures show the total spending on features in 2012 was £927m – down from £1.29bn the previous year.

A total of 223 films were produced in whole or part in the UK last year, compared to 319 in 2011. The number of domestic UK features also dropped last year, from 238 to 159. 

Making up the total number of 223 films were 38 co-productions; 159 domestic UK features, and 26 inward investment films*. 94 of the domestic UK features had budgets under £500,000.

Despite the 29% drop in 2012, the UK spend on domestic UK features such as Belle and Les Misérables was up, totalling £223.5m, compared to £192.4m the previous year.

The spend on co-produced films such as I Give It a Year and A Long Way Down also rose, from £192.4m in 2011 to £223.5m in 2012. 

The number of films that received inward investment, such as All You Need is Kill, The Fast and The Furious and Thor: The Dark World, also dropped last year, from 26 compared to 34 the previous year. These numbers result in a decrease of spending from £1.04bn to £630.6m.

Amanda Nevill, CEO of the BFI, said: “It is encouraging for the UK to see an increase in investment in independently produced British films and British co-productions. Although there was a dip in inward investment in 2012, an upturn in the latter part of the year coupled with bullish private investment in response to global demand for our services and skills signals buoyancy and confidence in the future.”

In a separate report by the BFI, box office stats reveal that Skyfall was the biggest grossing film in the UK last year, helping box office takings top the previous year. Other British films included in the top 20 films were The Woman in Black, The Iron Lady and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

The top 20 films released in the UK and Republic of Ireland, 2012:

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