Eric Cantona stars in new Kronenbourg 1664 ad

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Agency Ogilvy & Mather has created a new Kronenbourg 1664 ad starring ex-footballer Eric Cantona. Launched on Monday 4 February, it features the star being ignored in Alsace, while hop farmers are treated like footballers.

In the campaign, called A Taste Supreme, Cantona discusses the adulation of the hop farmers in the French region of Alsace, where the hops are sourced. As they walk arm in arm with models, drive flashy sports cars and are applauded in the street, the former Manchester United footballer finds himself on the sidelines.

The multimillion-pound campaign ends with Cantona being approached by a female admirer, asking if he is a farmer as well. He says "Of course. Oui," whilst giving a knowing nod to camera.

Gerry Human, Chief Creative Officer for Ogilvy & Mather London, said: "Getting Cantona onboard was a real coup - it's hard to ignore a commercial that opens with him, but in the end it's the très chic hop farmers who are the real heroes."

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