BBC1 to explore UK's sleeping problems

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BBC1 has unveiled plans for a series called Goodnight Britain, which will explore sleeping difficulties. With a quarter of the UK population suffering sleeping difficulties and over 10 million prescriptions for sleeping pills issued in Britain last year, the series will “travel the length of the country to meet and cure some of the nation’s worst sleepers.

From parasomniacs who scream the house down and snorers whose trumpeting rattles the window-panes, to insomniacs who bake six hours a night, Goodnight Britain lays bare the strange and hidden secrets of our nation’s night-time world.”

The two-part series will be presented by Sian Williams and include input from sleep experts - Dr Kirstie Anderson and Dr Jason Ellis. Through the use of high-tech night vision cameras, the experts will observe people’s sleep problems and devise treatment plans.

Kim Shillinglaw, Commissioning Editor, said: “Goodnight Britain will provide expert advice and practical solutions to real-life participants, helping them to address their sleeping problems.”

Further information on Goodnight Britain can be found on Production Intelligence, the online database of advance productions from The Knowledge:

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