Hollyoaks: Nokia Lumia Signs Product Placement Deal

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Nokia's Lumia smartphones are to appear in Hollyoaks as part of a product placement deal between Nokia, Channel 4 and the producer of the show, Lime Pictures.

According to the partners, “the deal marks the first product placement partnership featuring mobile phones on a UK drama. Using Hollyoaks as a platform, the partnership integrates Nokia's Lumia smartphones into storylines to engage the show's savvy young audience.”

Starting in July, the placement will feature Hollyoaks characters using Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 smartphones. An additional part of the deal will also see characters wearing Monster's Purity HD headphones and poster ads featuring Nokia products will also be visible at the Hollyoaks village bus stop.

In addition, “the partnership will be activated across the full range of platforms on which Hollyoaks is available, including Channel 4 and E4, e4.com/hollyoaks, and on 4oD. It will also include off-screen activity including a Nokia Lumia content portal on Channel4.com which will recreate the phones' unique home screen. Additionally, 2 characters will be developed off-screen and will tweet as their on-screen Hollyoaks personas to further promote Nokia Lumia.”

Rob Ramsey, Channel 4 Partnership Leader said: "The Nokia Lumia phone range is a terrific fit for Hollyoak's audience. It's the second major product placement deal we've agreed for Hollyoaks in 2012 and is a fantastic example of the targeted and innovative deals C4 and Lime Pictures can offer across content and platforms."

John Nichols, head of Marketing at Nokia UK said: ‘Hollyoaks is the perfect platform for Nokia to engage with younger audiences, embedding Lumia in everyday storylines people can relate to. This partnership is an example of how we are pushing the Lumia brand in new innovative ways across multiple platforms.” The deal was facilitated by Nokia's media agency Carat.

The first UK drama to feature mobile phone product placement. How many more will there be? Why not discuss at the Knowledge's linkedin group?