DPP Guide To Digital Workflow Unveiled

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The Digital Production Partnership has released a major industry report, "The Bloodless Revolution: A Guide to Smoother Digital Workflows in Television."

The report is the first published guidance on digital workflows to be issued on behalf of ITV, Channel Four and the BBC. It seeks to help producers and suppliers achieve a smoother transition to fully digital production.

Helen Stevens, DPP Chair said, "For production companies, a well thought through end-to-end file-based workflow can reduce costs and timescales and give creative staff more control of the process. This new guide offers very clear signposts for programme makers to more easily plan and complete productions."

The guide breaks down the workflow process into four steps:

1. Planning - which covers the process up to the point of shooting, including the different conventions and practices that need to be adopted right at the outset.

2. Rushes Management - which looks at the capture and handling of content on location or in studio up to the point of rushes archive and management.

3. Post Production - which goes from the 'ingest' of material for editing through to completion of the master. 

4. Delivery - the production of masters for delivery to broadcasters, clients or the audience.

The guide is available via the Digital Production Partnership's website.