Yes Prime Minister re-made for UKTV

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UKTV’s growing importance as a content commissioner has been underlined this week following reports that the PayTV broadcaster has ordered a remake of 1980s classic comedy 'Yes, Prime Minister' for its entertainment channel Gold.

A new run of six is being scripted by Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay, who wrote the original 'Yes Minister' and 'Yes Prime Minister' series. The series will be produced by the BBC, 50% owner of UKTV.

The series was often applauded for its timeliness, so this run will see the Rt. Hon Jim Hacker (the same central character) lead a coalition government. It’s not clear though whether the concept will successfully translate. Since the original, politics has been characterised by corruption, voter apathy and spin, leading to harder-hitting satire such as 'The Thick Of It'.

Still, UKTV’s investment will be welcomed by producers and is expected to trigger a significant increase in UKTV’s original content budget.

How will the new 'Yes, Prime Minister' fare? Considering our changed tastes in comedy (and views of the political system), will the show actually bear much resemblance to the original? Why not discuss on The Knowledge's facebook page?