Coke Unveils Olympic Advertising

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Last September, Coca-Cola announced it had teamed up with musician Mark Ronson on its Move To The Beat Olympic campaign. Now it has unveiled its Olympic ads.

Explaining the development process, Coke says: “In the summer of 2011, Coca-Cola lifted the lid on the creative process for the first time ever, inviting teens to attend a free festival-style gig featuring Mark Ronson and Katy B. The gig was filmed and today Coca-Cola is unveiling the first cut of the footage from that event, as the brand launches the global advertising for the Coca-Cola Move to the Beat London 2012 Olympic Games campaign.”

Unusually, Coke allowed those teens to capture and share photos and videos from the day. So rather than keeping the ad under wraps, versions of the teens' experiences were already online well in advance of the official advertising launch.

"We approached our London 2012 campaign in a bold new way in order to create stories that teens would love and would want to share," said Jonathan Mildenhall, VP of Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence at Coca-Cola. "This wasn't about shooting a TV commercial. It was about inspiring teens to move and capturing the story from multiple angles and viewpoints to create pieces of film that could be spread across multiple media platforms."

Created by Mother London, the first edits to be released are the Coca-Cola global commercials for the Olympic Games. Four films have been created including 30 and 60 second formats, as well as two films of two and four minutes. At the centre of the ads is a track, Anywhere in the World, written by Mark Ronson and Katy B to be Coke’s anthem for the event. Additional footage from the event will be used to create a video for the anthem, which will also be released as a single. The gig also appears in a series of webisodes and a feature length documentary that follows Ronson around the world.

The Move to the Beat ads will begin to air in multiple countries around the world from early 2012.